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Our skilled doctors perform scheduled surgeries Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. From routine spaying and neutering to complex soft tissue surgery, our doctors and surgery nurses exercise the utmost caution before, during, and after surgery.

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is always recommended and strongly encouraged. During the procedure, constant attention is paid to the patient's heart-rate, pulse, and blood pressure. Afterwards, continual attention is paid to your pet to assure a comfortable recovery.

Laser Surgery

We are pleased to offer laser surgery as an exciting new option for safe, comfortable treatment. In many procedures, the laser can replace the scalpel and provide a better alternative to traditional surgery.

Why Laser Surgery?

Less Pain - Laser energy seals nerve endings as it moves through tissue. Your pet feels less pain post-operatively.

Less Bleeding - The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery which allows your doctor to perform surgeries with extraordinary precision. This also speeds some procedures reducing the need for anesthesia.

Less Swelling - Laser energy does not crush, tear or bruise because only a beam of intense light contacts the tissue.