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Dr. Kishor Transadiya (Practice Owner & Veterinarian)

Dr. KishorTransadiyagraduated from the University of Gujarat Agriculture in 1992 with honours. He became a member of the Gujarat Veterinary Council in 1992. Dr. KishorTransadiyahas also gained certificates in Canine Medicine, Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Dentistry.

Dr. KishorTransadiya’s employment began at Pet Plus Hospital. He has also worked at practices in Gujarat before returning to Ahmedabad. Dr. KishorTransadiyahas been work Gujarat Dairy Development Corporation around 1 year of experience.Dr. KishorTransadiya is best veterinaryin Gujarat state. Pet Plus Hospital is biggest and loaded with all medical equipment with latest technology because of Dr. KishorTransadiya.

Dr. KishorTransadiya has special interests inEar Heamatome, Pyometra, Memory Gland Tumor, Tumor surgery, ophthalmology, ultrasonography and orthopedic surgery.He done thousands up critical surgeries.He is Dog specialist, Critical care, medicine & surgery practice learning at Metthew Ryan Hospital, University of pennsylvania, Philadelphia.He is an avid cyclist and enjoys relaxing rides with friends in his spare time. Also, he enjoys Play and spare time with his dog MAX.

I attending more than 7 International Seminar & continuous Education Program. I learn dog surgery at university of pennsylvaniaMetthew Ryan Hospital. I successful treat more than 25 dog having cobra bite, Russes viper (kalotro) snake bite in his 24 years dog surgery practice.
The Pet Plus Hospital Promise

Here is our Pet Plus Hospital promise to you, the pet parent:

* We understand the human-animal bond. We know pets are an important part of the family. We respect and understand the special bond between people and their pets (and most of our team members are pet parents too).

* We keep you involved in your pet's care. Good communication with you, the pet parent, is an important part of our job. Whether it's a regular check-up, or discussing more serious issues; we will explain things clearly and honestly. We promise to keep you informed every step of the way.

* A team-based approach to caring for your pet. Your Pet Plus Hospital is part of a wide network of knowledge and resources. From homeopathy to dermatology, we have team members within Pet Doctors who can share their specialist knowledge and skills.

* A commitment to wellness. Pet Plus Hospital has a strong philosophy of helping all pets "live young to an old age". That means we focus on wellness and preventing health problems before they occur. Every two months, your Pet Doctors clinic offers a different wellness programme.

* A nationwide presence. If you're travelling around the country - or even moving cities - you'll have peace of mind knowing there's another Pet Plus Hospital you can visit. And because we already know your pet, and their medical history, both of you can feel right at home!

* Exclusive promotions, offers and discounts. With our combined buying power, we're able to offer exclusive benefits to our clients. For instance, our regular Wellness promotions are designed to benefit your pet, while also saving you money.

* Making a difference in animal welfare. As a client of Pet Plus Hospital, you'll be helping other animals less fortunate than your own much-loved pet, via the Pet Doctors Animal Care Trust.

Our goal is to deliver highest quality of veterinary medicine to protect and improve the health of our patients. We stive to provide the best care possible with state-of-the-art equipment and caring, compassionate staff that recognize your pets are family.

The vision of Pet Plus Hospital is to make a positive difference to the lives of all animals in our community. We do this by caring for our clients pets, as well as those pets less fortunate. We established the Pet Plus Hospital with the goal of helping animals in need.